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About us

Let us introduce you into Digital Industries World.
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Companies are struggling with how to start their digital journey and how to leverage digital tools most effectively. The struggle comes in different varieties: the lack of standards and networks of like-minded organizations, determining individual future benefits, the necessary change in mindset, sticking to the proven even in face of disruptive technologies or the challenge to find new business models.

It seems that only a few are dealing with this effectively and are really making use of it.

Why not be one of them?

Digital Industries World is an independent and open community for all interested parties in the Industrial Internet of Things to convene, learn, and grow throughout digital transformation – be it companies of various industries, research or governmental institutions. And this on a global scale.

Digital Industries World aims to offer a mechanism to determine within ecosystems typical IIoT business models and how to leverage them, identify industry-specific use cases, share experiences and best practices, and develop and implement more efficient digital solutions.

The interdisciplinary think tank also promotes science, research, and education around the Industrial Internet of Things.

Digital Industries World comprises seven regional associations in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Although each region focuses on its own topics and challenges, we strive to bundle the know how and work together on a global scale.

The community has lots of ideas. Let’s tackle them.