Industrial IoT Stories: THE BEST OF MindSphere Future World Series

Contact Person: Miriam Wallbaum
  • 05 April 2022
  •  English
  • Event format: Online

At Expo 2020 Dubai

At Expo 2020 Dubai, MindSphere initiated a hackathon series to create IIoT solutions for an innovative, smarter and more sustainable future.

We MindSphere World organize a series of 4 webinars with the winners of the challenges across 5 core topics to present their pioneering solutions.

Save the date for our second webinar on April 5th 2022 at 9 a.m. CET or 4 p.m. CETto get inspired by the outstanding results of the winners of the Future Buildings Hack and the Future Industry Hack.

Exomotion is a Swiss startup that invented an innovative wheelchair that’s been connected and operated in MindSphere to safely navigate in complex environments like airports.


The Italian startup weAR has built an AR application with Mendix and MindSphere for usage in all sorts of industries. This makes instructions referencing very convenient for techni­cians to speed up their operations.


We all dream of making a difference and force innovations. To make an impact that counts, start-ups, innovative companies, and partners were invited to join several MindSphere hackathon challenges at the Expo in Dubai.  Each competition could only be won by a team that developed an innovative, unique and forward-thinking Industrial IoT app based on MindSphere.

In each of our webinars, two of these change agents will share their brand new IIoT applications with our members exclusively.

Since our community includes IoT professionals and enthusiasts from around the world we offer two time slots for each webinar.

Save the Date:

 February, 22nd 2022 09-10 a.m. CET and 04-05 p.m. CET
 April, 5th 2022 09-10 a.m. CET and 04-05 p.m. CET
 June, 21st 2022
04-05 p.m. CET
 July. 19th 2022 09-10 a.m. CET and 04-05 p.m. CET
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