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Digital Industries World e.V.

  • Boost operational efficiency through collaborative insights with the community where operational professionals can connect, share insights, provide instant feedback, and implement streamlined processes for immediate operational impact
  • Access practical best practices for immediate impact via the availability of hands-on best practices, real-world scenarios, and practical solutions that members can adapt quickly for tangible results.
  • Boost your band’s visibility through active participation ensuring recognition for members’ contributions, enhancing brand visibility and credibility in the industry, making your brand more attractive for professionals and young innovators, and leaders to come.
  • Maximize resource efficiency with shared resources by a community providing access to shared resources, cost-effective solutions, and expert insights that contribute to informed decision-making.
  • Think globally, act strategically with global insights by gaining a global perspective through connections with professionals worldwide, offering insights into international digital industrial markets and trends.
  • Solve challenges collectively with a supportive community where members actively collaborate to solve challenges, share experiences and insights, and ensure a smoother digital transformation journey.
  • Access resources for accelerated learning and skill enhancement by access to professional resources, training programs, and knowledge-sharing sessions that empower members to enhance their skills and stay ahead in the digital transformation landscape.”
  • Position your company for growth through strategic partnerships and experience how joining the community can open doors to new strategic partnerships, business development, and potential expansion into new markets.
  • Gain insights beyond your industry with cross-industry and cross-departmental collaboration by access to diverse perspectives and insights available through collaboration with professionals from various industries, fostering a rich learning environment.
  • Unlock exclusive networking opportunities with industry experts by connecting with thought leaders, executives, and professionals in the industry sector, providing valuable networking opportunities for collaboration and exchanging knowledge.

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    The membership fee depends on the size of the company. Once we have received your application, we will be happy to make you an appropriate offer. You can download our articles of association here.

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    "The purpose of the association is to promote industrial, digital transformation"
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