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Ecosystem Manager

Trust is good - contracts are better!

The true potential of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial IoT lies in having as much data as possible for analysis. This is what makes it possible to develop reliable predictive models that go beyond locally isolated solutions. Only together - in a network of companies - can solutions be developed that create new values with the help of AI and enable new value creation.

This is countered by the natural reflex of all stakeholders not to share their valuable data. That's why we developed the Digital Industries World Ecosystem Manager. With easy-to-create, pre-validated contract templates, it brings legal certainty to joint projects. So that data exchange across multiple stakeholders does not become a matter of trust alone. So that joint IIoT projects can be implemented more quickly. And so that trade secrets remain contractually protected.

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One Tool for...

significant directional guidance with enormous time savings through pinpoint expertise.


that brings together what fits together

Our marketplace brings together what fits together. Here you can advertise your projects (use cases) for which you are looking for further project participants.


based on pre-validated contract templates

Based on pre-validated contract templates, you can generate the necessary contractual documents that govern the cooperation between you and your project partners. Fast and easy with just a few clicks.


Quality Prediction of Printed Circuit Board Soldering
  • Challenge: Testing after nearly every process step is expensive and time consuming and expensive test equipment as bottleneck limits the production throughput.
  • Solution Approach: Quality prediction based on process data per PCB and a model-based decision if XRAY testing is required or not.
  • Industries: Machine Tools, Electronics
  • Tags: Quality Prediction, Soldering

A result that is beyond compare

Our special thanks go to the head of our Interest Group SHARED DATA POOLS and his team of experts, talents, and great foreward thinkers.

Thank you very much for this commitment. Especially for communities like ours, personal efforts are an important driving force. And finally, it is always this tireless pioneering spirit that, after all the time and creative investment, gives the starting signal for great new things.

Boris Scharinger
Head of Interest Group Shared Data Pools
Siemens AG


From some of our makers.

Our big thanks also go to

all the supporters, without whom this result would have been simply impossible

To whom is the Digital Industries World Ecosystem Manager available?

In the creation of the app of our MSW Ecosystem Manager, many different members of Digital Industries World have contributed and co-developed. The service that has been created is based on countless hours invested by our members, for this reason the Ecosystem Manager is not a commodity for us, but a free solution for all our loyal and dedicated members. Do you want to learn more about the system? Or even use it for yourself? Then contact us and let us convince you about all the other advantages of a membership in our Maker Community.

Questions? Feedback? We look forward to your contact