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AISent (Artificial Intelligence Sentinels) is a deep tech company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, aiming to create impactful solutions for life and business through technology. Founded in 2018, AISent collects data, reprocesses and develops artificial intelligence algorithms and software tailored to customers' needs.

At the core of AISent's business is finding new answers to unsolved and difficult problems. How? By proposing solutions that use performant AI algorithms to build machines and software that solve the specific needs of each customer, in any industry and business area, including:

- Product quality inspection

- Process optimization

- Predictive maintenance

Application sectors are varied from packaging to large-scale retail, from transportation to mechanical engineering, from consumer goods to pharmaceuticals or healthcare, from chemicals to automotive companies, from cosmetics to the food industry, and from defense to entertainment.

One example? Projects related to "people tracking," as in the case of people flow control within airport areas, to monitor waiting times at check-in, and security checks to determine the quality of services. Other projects are of "quality inspection," such as that of the vision system in pharmaceuticals for quality control.

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