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Miraitek4.0 offers manufacturing companies IIoT software applications providing all useful information for factory management - from simple flow monitoring, to energy consumption details collection, maintenance planning and quality management. 


The various applications allow for the collection and analysis of data and the implementation of models and actions to optimize production.


In line with market needs and the evolution of technologies, Miraitek4.0 also offers products with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to meet specific customer needs for predictive maintenance and quality improvement. 


The information can be used by different hierarchical levels within the organisation and can be integrated with data from outside the production department to obtain a holistic view of the business quickly and easily.  


Miraitek4.0 is a spinoff of the Politecnico di Milano. It is a dynamic, responsive and reliable company supporting customers throughout their digital transformation process thanks to its highly skilled team and its special relationship with some of the main automation technology providers. Miraitek4.0 offers services to assess the digital maturity of business processes, defines and integrates tools for the digital transformation process of plants and trains staff, thus boosting companies’ productivity and competitiveness in an increasingly global market.

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